Bella Sasso Cat Litter

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4kg of ultra-premium cat litter made from diatomaceous earth.

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Bella Sasso cat litter is made from all-natural diatomaceous earth responsibly sourced from Patagonia.

✓ 4x lighter than regular cat litter
✓ 100% Odour Control
✓ Stays in the box instead of your carpet
✓ Non-clumping, no scooping
✓ All-natural, better for your cat
✓ Soft on your cat’s paws for comfortable use
✓ Easy, low maintenance
✓ Lasts up to 1 month per cat

Diatomaceous Earth is made from the crushed fossils of freshwater organisms called Diatoms. It’s an entirely organic, non-toxic and safe to use mineral that is virtually dust free. Unlike cat litters made from silica, Bella Sasso is safe even if it’s accidentally ingested.


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Bella Sasso Cat Litter
RRP $18.95