Snooza Ortho Sofa Soho

RRP $157.43

Australian made luxury pet bed with bolstered high walls, orthopaedic foam and plush cushioning.


Snooza’s luxurious Australian Made Ortho Sofa features an extremely comfortable orthopaedic base that’s perfect for dogs both old and young. The soft bolstered walls add protection and provide comfort and calming to anxious pets. The open front provides easy access for older arthritic pets.

The Ortho Sofa is finished in furniture-grade two-tone fabric and a light grey plush that lines the entire interior of the bed.  Features zippered removable covers for easy washing.


All measurements are in centimetres 

Length of sleeping area 60cm 78cm
Width of sleeping area 50cm 60cm
Length to the outside edge 92cm 120cm
Width of outside edge 70cm 80cm
Height of sleeping base 10cm 10cm


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