Snooza Wear Faux Fur Coat – Arctic Wolf

RRP $31.92

Perfect for short-haired, clipped or anxious dogs


The Snooza Faux Fur Coat features silky soft plush inside and out; making it a warm cuddle coat. Perfect for anxious, clipped or fine coat dogs as the soft plush lining sits comfortably against your dog’s own fur, creating a secure and calming effect. The spacious & lightweight design allows the dog to move naturally and unrestricted. The flexible pattern even allows a dog to curl up and tuck their nose into this coat. No zips or buttons so this coat is perfect for snoozing in.

With silky-smooth faux-fur fabric, cosy plush lining & a comfortable, spacious fit, this stylish design is the ultimate choice for your pet’s comfort & warmth.


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