About Us

Pet Village is a small boutique focused on luxury pet products. We work hard to bring you new deals each and every month, with a focus on goods that are high quality, environmentally sustainable, and made in Australia.

Our environmental commitment

We’re deeply committed to minimising our impact on the planet. Most metro areas deliveries are completed by carbon neutral delivery services, and wherever possible orders are packed into recycled boxes or biodegradable satchels made from corn.


Pet Village is owned and operated by Pet Village Group, a privately-held pet media business based in Adelaide, Australia. Our other properties include Aviculture Hub and Aussie Finch Forum.

Our History

Prior to launching Pet Village in August 2020, we’ve been heavily involved in Australia’s pet industry. In 2015, we launched Aviculture Hub, which has grown to become one of the most popular websites for bird enthusiasts in Australia. In 2017, we acquired Aussie Finch Forum; which is one of the largest repositories of finch breeding knowledge on the planet.