Passwell Parrot Pellets

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Parrot Pellets are a substitute for seed mixes. These diets are totally edible and are fortified with all essential nutrients in a balanced formula.


Passwell Parrot Pellets are a low-fat, balanced diet for parrots & cockatoos. Feed to cage & aviary birds including cockatiels, ringnecks, conures, macaws, rosellas, eclectus, galahs, sulphur-crests & black cockatoos. Use pellets to replace the dry seed component of the diet.


Feed as a dry pellet, replacing the seed proportion of the bird’s diet:

Birds that are accustomed to eating seed need to modify their feeding technique to eat Pellets:

  • Initially they will disintegrate the food, but they should soon learn to totally consume the Pellets and even eat any powder produced during feeding.
  • Avoid changing the diet on days that are either very hot or very cold, or during times of stress on the bird.
  • Observe the birds regularly to ensure they are eating the Pellets.
  • Don’t over-fill the feed bowl, as birds will tend to scatter the Pellets in search of their normal food
  • Have at most two layers of Pellets in the feed bowl.

Changing to Pellets

Direct Change to Pellets: Applies to companion birds, large parrots and pigeons. Remove all seed and treats and provide only Parrot Pellets. Observe the birds closely. If the birds do not eat during the day then provide some seed before nightfall and try again the next day. If this is not successful try “Introducing Pellets

Introducing Pellets: Applies to small parrots and aviary birds. Start with a 50:50 mix of Pellets and seed. Over the next few days, slowly increase the proportion of Crumbles. Remove all the seed once the birds begin to eat the Pellets.

Passwell Parrot Pellets
From $9.86