Passwell Parrot Soft Food

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Passwell Parrot Soft Food is a nutritionally balanced, high protein diet for breeding parrots.


Passwell Parrot Soft Food is a nutritionally balanced, high protein diet for breeding birds.

Key Features

  • Specifically formulated to provide increased protein levels required by breeding parrots.
  • Enriched with omega-3&6, vitamins and minerals for improved egg quality and chick health.
  • Can also be used as a weaning food for young birds or conditioning food for sick birds.

To feed as a moist crumble:

Mix 20g of Parrot Soft Food (2 level tablespoons) with 5ml (1 teaspoon) of warm water. Slowly add the water to the powder while mixing to form a moist crumbly mix (as per the consistency shown below). Do not make into a paste.

To feed with soaked seed or vegetables:

Mix 10g (1 level tablespoon) of Parrot Soft Food with 20g (2 heaped tablespoons) of soaked/sprouted seed, chopped fresh fruit & veg or frozen vegetables.

Prepare food fresh each day. We do not advise storing food in the fridge overnight as it can become contaminated with micro-organisms.


Parrot Soft Food is ideal to be used as a weaning food for hand-reared parrots when transitioning from Passwell Hand Rearing Food to a solid diet. Older birds will also readily transition from Parrot Soft Food to Passwell Crumbles or Pellets by mixing the two products together, and then gradually increasing the proportion of Crumbles or Pellets.

Passwell Parrot Soft Food
From $16.88