Australian startup launches range of soluble dog supplements

In cooperation with natural health experts, veterinarians and food technologists, Nectar have produced a range of supplement mixes designed to address different dog health concerns.

Nectar of the Dogs was founded by Gabriel Perera, who has 20 years of experience in the pet wellness industry at companies such as PAW Blackmores, Pure Animal Wellbeing and BioCeuticals. In partnership with veterinarians, food technologists, animal nutrition experts, and (of course) dog owners, Nectar have launched five different supplement mixes.

These mixes include:

  • Gut-Brain + Digestion, which is loaded with probiotics and other vitamins to improve digestive health.
  • Immune + Wellness, which includes organic extracts and vitamins to increase pathogen resistance.
  • Calm + Relax, made with clinically-proven natural extracts that reduce stress — including separation anxiety.
  • Skin + Coat, that helps to alleviate skin irritations with a mix of nutrients and extracts.
  • Join + Longevity, a vet-developed formula to ease joint pain inflammation.

Unlike traditional supplements, which are offered in tablet or chew form, Nectar can be mixed into drinking water. It (apparently—we haven’t tasted it) adds an appealing hint of sausage flavour to the water so that pets will scoff it down quickly.

Earlier this year, People for Pets was acquired by Real Pet Food Company, which is the parent company of well known brands such as Ivory Coat and V.I.P Petfoods. Despite this, People for Pets will continue to operate as an independent business so that it can keep innovating as only small startups can.

The full range of Nectar of the Dogs products are now available at Pet Village. The recommended retail price is $39.95, however we’re currently offering it at the reduced price of $33.92.

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