Blue Planet Pond Clear Water


Blue Planet Pond Clear Water is formulated to clear hazy Water and remove suspended particles from freshwater aquariums, bowls and ponds.


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Maintaining an outdoor pond is quite different to an indoor aquarium. There are many variables outside – weather, various birds and animals, or difficulties for some to adequately filter their water.

Blue Planet Clear Water is formulated to clear hazy water and remove suspended particles from freshwater aquariums, bowls and ponds. Once bonded with these particles and settled, the aquarium is left looking crystal clear.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use a new or clean watering can or bucket, and half fill with pond water. Do not use watering can or bucket if household chemical products have been used. Though cleaned, residue may remain. Use 1mL per 10 litres of pond water. Add to an area of flowing water to ensure even distribution throughout the pond. DO NOT OVERDOSE, Additional dosage can applied 48 hours after first use.

WARNING: When treating green water in your pond, there may be excessive algae present. As algae decays oxygen available to fish is reduced, leading to the untimely deaths.

Remove decaying algae with siphons, nets or scoops We recommend using Blue Planet Pond Sludge Clean to effectively break down waste particles. Use Sludge Oean 2 days after first treating your pond with Pond Pear Water, or if your pond is prone to algae blooms in warmer months, use on a regular or biweekly schedule

POND MEASUREMENT: To calculate pond size in litres, measure length x width of pond in metres and multiply by the average depth (in metres). Then multiply this number by 1000 to give you litres.

STORAGE: Product must be stored in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight, Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes and skin, wash hands after use DISPOSAL: Dispose of empty container by wrapping with paper and placing in garbage.


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Blue Planet Pond Clear Water