Snooza Calming Cuddler Blanket – Silver Fox/Chinchilla

RRP $48.68

Made from the same luxurious Chinchilla & Silver Fox material used on the cuddler dog beds. Ideal for snuggles with (or without ?) your doggo.


This calming and luxurious reversible Cuddler Blanket is made from the same calming, long-pile fabric as the wildly popular Calming Cuddler Silver Fox & Chinchilla beds. It’s perfect for soothing your pet and keeping them warm too.

Designed to drape over your dog to keep them warm, comfortable and secure. The blanket can also be used as a calming cover to drape over yourexisting dog bed or sofa.

Made with soft furniture-grade materials with beautiful, long-pile plush in a generous size that’s suitable for small, medium and even larger dogs.


All measurements are in centimetres (cm)

Length 145cm
Width 90cm


  • Reversible double-sided plush in Silver Fox & Chinchilla
  • Furnishing grade fabric
  • 100% polyester


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Snooza Calming Cuddler Blanket – Silver Fox/Chinchilla
RRP $48.68