Snooza Plant Powered Indoor Outdoor Floor Cleaner

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Deep cleans and removed stains from concrete, synthetic turf and hard surfaces.

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Courtyards, patios, pens and surrounding outdoor surfaces can absorb faeces and urine, becoming messy, smelly and germy.

Snooza’s Indoor Outdoor Floor Cleaner uses a clever combination of plant powered ingredients and QuatLok technology to break down odour causing bacteria so you can wash away the shocking odours, stains and germs.

Designed to safely break down germs without affecting the surrounding environment, leaving a natural fresh scent that does not over power you or your animal’s senses.

Can be safely used to remove dirt and grime from inside floors, including vinyl, tiles and fully sealed timber floors.

See TEST before USE intructions on bottle.

Free from phosphates, optical brighteners, formaldehyde, enzymes, and synthetic fragrances.


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Snooza Plant Powered Indoor Outdoor Floor Cleaner
RRP $22.43