Snooza Plant Powered Bedding & Fabric Refresh Spray

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Professional strength plant based fabric spray that dispels smells and stains.


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Professional strength plant powered fabric spray uses a handy combination of essential oils and QuatLok technology to break down odour causing bacteria. Spray away shocking smells and stains of a well loved dog bed or sleeping area.

Leaving a natural fresh scent that does not overpower you or your dog’s senses. Reduces need to for machine washing. Reduces growth of allergy & odour causing bacteria.

See TEST before USE instructions on bottle.

Free from phosphates, optical brighteners, formaldehyde, enzymes, synthetic fragrances.

1. Shake before use.
2. Remove animal from bed before spraying.
3. Lightly spray bedding or upholstery.
4. Allow fabric to dry for a few minutes before pet settles into bed.

Store in cool dark place.


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